• H264 compression.

  • Up to 8 video channels.

  • 100 FPS – D1 resolution (704X576) (4CH DVR system).

  • Advanced GPS support - The TXVS Mobile DVR transmits the GPS data to the Server, and also store the GPS data on the DVR for backup.

  • RS – 485 on board (PTZ).

  • Up to 4 channels High Quality audio.

  • Audio conference with the Driver.

  • 2.5" HDD compatibility (Up to 1TB).

  • 4 Alarm inputs, 1 Alarm output that can be controlled via the TXVS software.

  • VGA and 2 Composite video outputs.

  • Advanced technology for high quality video on limited bandwidth.

  • Shock Resistant DVR case.

  • No fans (cooling) needed.

TXVS Software has been designed especially for the Fleet Manager needs.

The system allows the manager to request GPS/Video from any unit and receive the information automatically to his desktop when the data is being downloaded from the DVR.

Control, Download, Watch and Manage unlimited number of units.
Advanced network features – Work with cellular and WIFI together (Saves 3G data costs)
Automatic download from any unit – The Manager can ask the TXVS server to download the video files from any unit once the vehicle will arrive to the depot and will be connected to the WIFI network.
High quality video files can take a lot of time and cost considerable amounts of money to download if using the 3G network especially in large vehicle fleets.
All In One player for the video files and the GPS details.
Receive, Manage and Download the GPS data from the units.
Advanced Interrogation and Statistics analyse system for the GPS data.
Advanced Remote control software client.
Advanced, fully operating Advertising software including fully automatic upload process.

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