The DVTech P.O.S. solution is an effective cashier management tool. Stock and inventory can be closely scrutinised.


The DVTech system employs simple software, eliminating the need for costly hardware devices, up to 8 cash terminals can be connected to a single DVR.

How it works

         The Cashier machine is connected to the router via Rj-45 –LAN(or any other network device).


         DVTech DVR is connected to the router via Rj-45 (or any other network device)


         The Receipt printer is connected to the RS-232 communication port on the Cashier machine.


         The DVTech POS software is installed on the cash register and keeps track of transaction e.g.  Draw opening, printing receipts scanning barcodes and more.


         Any camera IP/analog pointed to the spot will capture the event.


         This output will trigger, translate and deliver the Data through the network (LAN) to the main DVR- DVTech server.


         The DVTech DVR will send you in real-time any Alarm event by SMS or email according to a pre-defined event.


         Smart search by time, product, invoice number and more..


         Data is stored on the DVTech DVR as recorded video files.


All events will be stored on the hard drive for easy searching by time, date, receipts number,   Invoice, products and more...