DVTech 200 For Medium to large businesses or premises where absolute accuracy is required.

DVTech 200 by DVTech Systems is a low-cost, powerful Digital Video Recorder that provides unattended recording, remote administration, and remote operation. DVTech 200 is an ideal solution for providing cost-effective, high-quality video, customized recording options, and simple operation.

The DVTech system is a hardware compression system which not consuming a lot of CPU power and can assure stable system and high resolution recorded videos.


DVTech -200 Specifications

1. MPEG4 Hardware compression PC based DVR.

2. 200 FPS - CIF.

3. 80 FPS - 4CIF.

4. Up to 32 Video channels on board.

5. RS – 485 on board (PTZ).

6. Plug & Play system (Easy to install).

7. MD snapshots feature

8. Virtual PTZ using digital zoom on 4CIF

(Turning any regular camera to a PTZ camera).

9. Up to 4 channels High Quality audio.

10. High quality 4CIF snapshot every 2 seconds from each camera.

11. Video Lost detection

12. Camera covered detection.

13. Camera disposition detection.

14. IP camera support on the main system.

15. Advanced Player for playback.

16. Watchdog.

17. Alarm mode.

18. Advanced groups configuration.

19. Multilingual

20. Point Of  Sale (POS)

21. Smart I/O solution – Up to 256 inputs and 100 outputs

DVTech – 200 comes with a remote software and Web-remote software

DVTech Remote:

1. User interface identical to the main software.

2. Full remote video viewing and remote control.

3. High quality live and playback video.

4. Advanced technology for high quality video on limited bandwidth.

5. Stream Player for immediate playback (no need to download files).

6. Remote PTZ control.

7. Mobile and PDA remote.

8. Video conference.

9. All the main software features can be done remotely.

10. Automatic bandwidth priority to cameras with motion.

11. Connectivity monitoring and automatic reconnection to the main system.

DVTech 200 DVR Card

Technical Specifications

Spec for DVTech 200

Video Inputs

Up to 32 Video Channels

Video Output

Available via VGA card

Video Format


Video compression

MPEG4 Hardware compression

Frame Rate

200 (PAL)


200FPS / 80FPS 4CIF

Recording Mode



Frame Rate

200FPS / 80FPS 4CIF

Adjustable Recording

Motion detect, Full record, Alarm record, Manual alarm record

Remote Access

Communication protocols


Browser compatibility

Internet Explorer

Remote Playback

MPEG – 4 , Motion JPEG


RS - 485

PTZ Input

I/O Input

One I/O input on board

System requirements


Windows XP Pro / Home


Pentium 4 3.0Ghz  and Higher


Intel or Gigabyte based on Intel chipsets


1GB  and Higher 


120GB (Recommended)


128MB and Higher